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Does your Business have Undiscovered Innovations?

Do you have a system for identifying ALL innovations and intellectual property developed in your company?

I have worked with many companies that did not have a well-defined approach to identifying innovations or intellectual property developed within their business. When I am working with those companies, a top priority is creating a system to identify and record all innovations developed throughout the company.

To ensure that your business is identifying all innovations and intellectual property, consider the following:

  • Every person in your business is a Potential Innovator. Many companies assume that only the “scientists” or employees in the Research and Development Group are innovators. If you follow this approach, you will likely miss out on many valuable innovations. I have lost count of the number of times that a valuable innovation was developed by an employee who was not involved with product design or product development. I have worked with inventors who are shipping clerks, administrative assistants, sales representatives and marketing managers. Every person in your business should be treated as a potential innovator.
  • Implement a system to discover ALL innovations. Create a system that encourages all employees to submit their innovative ideas for company review. Offer rewards and incentives to those innovators. Your system should accurately track all innovations submitted and include a periodic review process to evaluate those innovations.
  • Teach ALL employees the importance of Identifying Innovations. Provide a training seminar, recorded video presentation, or other educational material for all employees to describe the process for identifying innovations. Explain how each employee can submit innovations for company review and the innovation reward program offered by the company. Also, emphasize the importance of innovation to the company’s future growth.

These techniques are useful in businesses of all sizes and in any industry. If your company does not already have a system for identifying all innovations, consider implementing an Innovation Action Plan today.

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