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Creating an Innovation Culture in your Business

Every person in an organization has the potential to support an innovation strategy.  Regardless of training or job responsibility, everyone is capable of identifying innovative solutions even if they are not responsible for developing that solution.

For example, employees in any department may see inefficiencies in company procedures – such as manufacturing procedures, shipping procedures and so forth.  Correcting these inefficiencies can reduce expenses and improve customer satisfaction.

Create an innovation culture by educating all personnel about the value of innovations to the company.  This innovation culture helps foster a team environment and increases the likelihood of identifying important ideas and suggestions.  Don’t limit innovative activities to people in the “research and development” department – I’ve seen many examples of employees without any technical background identifying significant innovations that result in new product offerings for the company.

Encourage innovations in your business by offering rewards and recognition to company innovators.  Innovation contests, brainstorming sessions and related activities also support an innovation culture in your business.

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